Entering the PIN for a SIM card

Sebastian Spaeth sebastian at sspaeth.de
Wed Apr 8 15:57:47 CEST 2009

arne anka wrote:
> good lord, what usabilty genius created that?
> to begin with, everybody aroudnyou can read your pin and then, you stay  
> there and tap the screen in the faint hope it might work somehow?

> and, just out of curiosity, what do you do when you need to correct a  
> typo? the screenshot shows not delete or backspace or so.

Not that I'd defend that keyboard, but backspace is by stroking from
right to left over the keyboard and enter is by stroking from top to bottom.

Showing the entered stuff, is what you normally want on a keyboard, that
it shows it for password entries is, err..., debatable..., but probably
no explicit design decision :)


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