Call volume

bburdette at bburdette at
Wed Apr 8 17:42:33 CEST 2009

Hi all;

With SHR-testing the phone seems to be fairly usable.  Battery life is 
even pretty decent.  However, one thing that is a dealbreaker for me as 
far as using my freerunner as my main phone is the call volume.  I can 
make calls just fine from my living room, but in a noisy cafe or inside 
a car I can't hear very well at all.  I've adjusted the volume before 
from text config files, but you walk the line between usable call volume 
and bad echo problems for whoever you're talking to.

Has anyone been able to address this for themselves?  This is maybe the 
last major issue that keeps the FR from being my main phone.  But unless 
this is addressed I can't really recommend the phone to anyone but 


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