OM2008.12 - basic usage instructions?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Fri Apr 10 10:40:39 CEST 2009

William Kenworthy wrote:
> Then the wiki needs to do something for people NOW.  They buy a
> freerunner, see that the next version in the progression is 2008.12 and
> flash accordingly with the resulting questions here, and a really bad
> user experience - they are at where we were months ago - ready to throw
> the FR at a wall - HARD!
I have to heartily second all your email. Based on my personal 
experience, when I got my FR, this is clearly the most crucial aspect to 
be fixed.

At that time I considered to do some changes in the Wiki but I was 
deterred by:

1- the fact that someone had "locked" (with a banner msg) the page for 
2- there were a lot of changes to be done, beyond my little free time,
3- I was not yet confident on my understanding of FR/Om2008.*
4- OM2008.12 was still too annoying to be able to do something 
effective/useful just by writing on the Wiki.


Disclaimer: I haven't went back to check if the startup page(s) have 
improved since I'm using an older SHR unstable release.

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