[FSO] FSO unfunded?

Fernando Martins fernando at cmartins.nl
Fri Apr 10 10:49:26 CEST 2009

Craig Woodward wrote:
> Thanks for taking the time and effort to find/post these threads.  When most of this was happening I was unable to keep up with the lists and killed threads at a time.  "Slashdoted" was not an attention getting subject for me. :(
no problem
> So basically what I'm getting from that is half the staff are gone (or going), FR work is still back burner, and "plan B" is the new focus?  Awesome.  At least now I know where things are...
In my understanding, "FR work is still back burner", is misleading:

a) FR-GTA02 will be improved with "minor releases", I think both at 
hardware and om2009 distro, by OM; OM has stopped funding of FSO which 
is not to say FSO has stopped itself;

b) FR-GTA03 is back burner by OM, but there is a new mailing list to to 
open development of GTA03 by the community, with support by Steve Mosher 
(but I'm not sure that means support from OM).


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