No GSM. Suspect dead Calypso. What to do?

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Sun Apr 12 05:03:40 CEST 2009

9.1	Report Mobile Equipment error +CMEE

Ah, brilliant; thank you very much for this tip. I set AT+CMEE=2 and it turned out the error I was getting after AT+CFUN=1 was simply that the SIM was locked with a PIN. After giving the PIN with +CPIN i did AT+CFUN? and got +CFUN: 1, which means that it *does* set phone mode correctly, and that the "ERROR" was nothing to worry about after all.

It did, however, still reset and give me "AT-Command Interpreter ready" after doing AT+COPS, and setting CMEE=2 didn't give me any more information when that happened. I suppose I'll have to capture the output of the debug serial line.

Perhaps the modem loses power? Which power sources are you connecting
(charger/USB/battery)? Does the battery connector and the battery both have
clean contact points? Are you using a battery of the same length as the
original battery? 

An interesting idea, but I don't have much reason to believe so. USB is connected when I do this, as I am doing it through ssh over USB Ethernet. The battery (original battery) is usually fully charged or very near fully charged when I do so. All three contacts on both sides are clean. The phone powers up fine on battery alone, and I haven't noticed any perceptible drop in the battery's runtime, though I suppose it is possible that some sort of damage to the battery is rendering it unable to provide enough current to the modem. A bit of a long shot, and also something I can't test well, as I don't have a known good Neo or known good battery to swap with.
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