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Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Sun Apr 12 06:04:34 CEST 2009

Am Mi  8. April 2009 schrieb bburdette at
> Hi all;
> With SHR-testing the phone seems to be fairly usable.  Battery life is 
> even pretty decent.  However, one thing that is a dealbreaker for me as 
> far as using my freerunner as my main phone is the call volume.  I can 
> make calls just fine from my living room, but in a noisy cafe or inside 
> a car I can't hear very well at all.  I've adjusted the volume before 
> from text config files, but you walk the line between usable call volume 
> and bad echo problems for whoever you're talking to.
> Has anyone been able to address this for themselves?  This is maybe the 
> last major issue that keeps the FR from being my main phone.  But unless 
> this is addressed I can't really recommend the phone to anyone but 
> hobbyists.

Despite everybody else in this thread answered on how to adjust earpiece 
level, I get it your real problem is echo.

please look here:

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