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(top posting on purpose so that you see the whole message.)

is there some way to notice when you are quoting somebody and when you
are writing yourself? I was first about to ignore this email since I
thought it was my own email. Usually people mark quotations by
prefixing lines with "> ".

I'm writing this to mailing list since perhaps it's a common problem
with and somebody who uses it could help.

best regards,
Timo Lindfors

danek <daniel at> writes:
> You need a 2.5mm 3-pole plug and then something to listen to the
> 115200 8N1 serial data coming the middle pole. This is 0..3V so you
> can't just plug into serial port of your PC (which is -5..5V afaik). I
> am trying to use my AVR microcontroller to do that but I was told a
> MAX232 chip can do the conversion for you.
> Please read the whole #1024 thread at
> --
> it mentions how this cable can be built.
> Unless I'm not looking carefully enough, all I can see is a pinout to the headers on the debug board (which I don't have) -- I'm assuming I can just wire this up to a DB-9 connector using the standard RS-232 pins for TX and RX, though you say that the voltage won't work... I'm assuming this would go for my USB-Serial adapter as well, since it is meant to take the place of a PC serial port. :(
> I will have a look at the docs for MAX232... though if you have a link to detailed info (pinouts, plus schematic for any supporting components for MAX232, etc.) from anybody who has built a suitable cable using this IC it would be helpful.
> Thanks again for your help and suggestions.
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