No GSM. Suspect dead Calypso. What to do?

danek daniel at
Sun Apr 12 14:14:27 CEST 2009

On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 06:05 +0100, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Give
> root at om-gta02:~# mickeyterm -c

> All this on GSM-flashing uSD-image booted from uSD, login via ssh.
> you might want to
> root at om-gta02:~# ps x
>  1645 ?        S      0:00 /bin/sh /etc/rc5.d/S99flash-moko start
> root at om-gta02:~# kill 1645
> to stop the gsm-flashing process (if you're sure FLUID isn't just about to 
> flash the GSM-FW. I.e: if it shows either "Bootloader: (reset target)" 
> or "Program: (0 sectors, 0*8k=0k) () ok" it's absolutely safe to kill the 
> flashing process)

Thanks, I will try the GSM-flash uSD image and mickeyterm. And if you
agree, I think it's probably safest to stop the flashing process by
removing S99flash-moko from /etc/rc5.d since the rootfs is on uSD and
therefore can be modified without powering the phone. (I guess same
could be said about the .jffs2 images which you can mount via loopback
on the "big" computer before flashing Neo.)

> I really wonder whether your battery is ok. You know modem is powered from 
> battery and when it starts to transmit for registering to the network it 
> demands quite some power from bat that can't be provided by bat-charger chip 
> PMU. So it's very likely modem would reset due to brownout as soon as it 
> tries to register to network.
> Please try and find a spare bat (see wiki for compatible bat e.g. from nokia 
> if you can't manage to get a GTA02-bat). See if modem behaviour changes 
> significantly with new bat.

Another comment about the battery... I guess I have taken for granted
the amount of power GSM needs. I did know that GSM needed more power
than the 2.5W from USB; I discovered this the first time I saw a USB
WWAN stick and wondered why it had a LiIon battery. I thought to myself,
"How silly... why not just USB power? I wonder it has the battery so it
can function autonomously when unplugged from the computer?" Then I did
RTFM which said it needed the battery to supply additional power to the
GSM chipset.

I guess I assumed that if it had enough juice to boot (as booting also
requires more power than USB alone can provide) then it had enough juice
for the modem. Anyway, I do have a Nokia phone *somewhere* (it has been
some time since I've known exactly where) that I used a couple of times
to "jump start" Neo when I stupidly let its battery run down and
couldn't boot as a result. I will see if I can find the Nokia battery
and will hope for the best.

(If it does turn out to be simply the battery, I will be extremely
happy, and will buy a couple of extras... Glad to see that they are
available separately now, and not only in the spares kit, as I already
have pouch and headset from the group buy.)
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