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Sun Apr 12 23:57:48 CEST 2009

Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Am Mi  8. April 2009 schrieb bburdette at

>> Has anyone been able to address this for themselves?  This is maybe the 
>> last major issue that keeps the FR from being my main phone.  But unless 
>> this is addressed I can't really recommend the phone to anyone but 
>> hobbyists.
> Despite everybody else in this thread answered on how to adjust earpiece 
> level, I get it your real problem is echo.
> please look here:

What I was really wanting to know was whether anyone with a FR had their 
phone working at a reasonable call volume without having echo.  Not 
necessarily how they did it, although that is good info, but whether 
this was possible at all using the FR hardware.  I'm trying to decide 
whether to get another phone for day to day use, as my pre-FR phone is 
on its last legs.

So from the fact that echo cancellation has never been activated so far 
(that seems really wierd to me, but ok) it sounds like I need to wait 
until the next SHR-testing or move to SHR-unstable, where the fix is in 
place.  Presumably the newer SHRs are using one of the 'recent 
GSM-handling daemons' mentioned on the wiki.  I don't think issuing 
commands from the console to enable AEC after every call is going to 
work for me as a practical matter.

That's good news that echo cancellation exists, and mine doesn't have it 
turned on, that gives me hope that it may work eventually.

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