The myth of missed phone calls (was: OM2008.12 - basic usage instructions?)

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A semi-pointless aside:

I've gathered there are some quoting problems in these threads, but I didn't
write what is attributed to me, here (actually, it's two different authors .
. . my own small contribution was elsewhere in the thread).

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> On Thu, 9 Apr 2009 14:52:55 -0700 (PDT)
> halbtaxabo-om at wrote:
> > Sean Chadwell <smchadwell at> wrote:
> > >Don't waste all your time there, we're expecting the new 2009 version
> > >of the Openmoko distribution to arrive (well, there was a promise to
> > >have something last month already) at some stage.
> >
> > I don't think that waiting for the next release is a good idea. I was
> > at Sean Moss-Pulz' talk in Bern on April 2. In the Q&A, somebody said
> > that his Freerunner missed incoming calls. Sean M-P replied that this
> > would be fixed really soon. I asked, "When?" and Sean said, "June".
> I have attended that talk as well and I also encountered (surprisingly)
> many opinions at the Openmoko community stand saying the same. I can
> only talk about my experience (I'm currently working on some dbus
> testing infrastructure to say for sure), but telephony has been pretty
> stable for me (using FSO and zhone) for about three months now. I'm
> quite reluctant to say more about this until I have test results other
> than "none of my friends have asked me why I don't answer the phone any
> more", but I had to clearify that if there still are problems with
> incoming calls (which I honestly don't believe) then they are not
> immediately noticable.
> Regards,
> Daniel Willmann
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