[Om2009] What needs to be installed to make it usable?

halbtaxabo-om at yahoo.com halbtaxabo-om at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 27 22:55:20 CEST 2009

Since the Openmoko with Om2008.12 isn't really usable as a mobile
phone, I thought the most useful thing for me to do was to load
Om2009 as described at:
and then test it and report bugs.
On that page it tells you which kernel, filesystem and bootloader
to flash with dfu-util. I did that.
Now, when I boot up, I don't get any icons. The default screen just
shows the time, and 4 menu options:

No settings; how do I set things like the time before it goes into
sleep mode, essential to ssh into the Openmoko?

The other disappointment is that it is still not usable as a mobile
phone. It can make and receive calls, but the call volume at the
Openmoko is so low it is barely audible, just the same as
with Om2008.12. And sometimes (not on all calls) there is a lot
of noise at the other end of the line (i.e. at the normal telephone).
(Actually I suppose it's possible that there's noise at the OM end,
but the volume is so low anyway that I don't notice it.)

I'm probably coming across as a clueless newbie, but I really
am trying to help with testing and if you give me some pointers
as to what to load to get further, I'll also update the wiki
again to help other clueless newbies. I did look through the 
message archive, but didn't find anything useful specifically
geared to the Om2009 distro.

I know how to use ssh to get into the om (have already done it)
and know how to set up iptables on my linux host to get
from the om to the net, if that's needed.

Advice please?

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