OM2009 Suddenly all kindsa problems

smchadwell at smchadwell at
Tue Aug 11 08:05:50 CEST 2009

Hey, folks:

After fiddling with Android and QT Moko installs over the past week, I have  
been unable to get OM2009 fully functioning, again. Here are some of the  

-I'm getting kernel errors regarding SD_3V3, whether I boot from NOR or Qi.
-Qi spits out a LOT of "unable to write" errors before depositing me at a  
shell prompt
-USB networking, when it boots, isn't working. In fact, it borks my net  
manager in a weird way (it just indicates it is no longer running . . . but  
WiFi continues to work on the laptop)

Thinking this was an SD card problem, I've double-checked my cards. Both  
are single partitions, one is ext2 and the other is ext3. They're both  
otherwise empty.

Any thoughts? GSM is working, but I need the new soundstate file for volume  
out and have no way of getting it to the phone . . .
Should qi be able to boot this correctly?

Everything was working before, btw.


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