Problems flashing Neo Freerunner

Tim Sterk tim at
Wed Aug 12 09:09:25 CEST 2009

>> I've tried the image which is on the website:
>> I've put it on my MicroSD card using the following instructions found on
>> the openmoko site:
>> sudo dd if=flash-moko11-2.image of=/dev/mmcblk0
> - did you try to download that archive again and compare the images?
> - after doing dd you should be able to simply mount the sd card, is that
> possible and can you browse the directories?
> - what kind of bootloader are you using (qi, u-boot, if uboot from nand or
> nor?) and which version?
> - how exactly did you boot (which button pressed how and how long)?
> - can you boot from another sd card?
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I've downloaded the image multiple times, every time results in the same

I'm not able to mount the sd card, because mount asks me the filesystem
type, which I don't know.

Bootloader is uboot(nor) 1.3.2-moko12

Another sd card is giving me the same problems.

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