GSM, SD, daily phone

Seth Rothenberg seth at
Thu Aug 20 23:57:36 CEST 2009

My wife's Motorola phone died.

I'm not ready to sign a new contract,
so I need to push the Free Runner from
eternal TEST into PRODUCTION.  (Today?)

I like SHR (have been using "Testing"),
but it hasn't made phone calls recently,
certainly not since it came back from the hardware Buzz Fix.
With AT&T, it is not recognizing the SIM.

And SD card is not working.
I just tested the SD in a friend's laptop,
and there is an empty file system on it.

I understand the GSM upgrade might fix the phone issue,
but the safe way to do that is with SD card.
(Can I do it with NFS over SSH?)

Any advice appreciated.  In the meantime I have to
stop making fun of my co-worker who shares a cell
with his wife, because I am next....


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