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Fri Aug 21 04:09:21 CEST 2009

Le 09-08-20 à 17:57, Seth Rothenberg a écrit :

> My wife's Motorola phone died.
> I'm not ready to sign a new contract,
> so I need to push the Free Runner from
> eternal TEST into PRODUCTION.  (Today?)
> I like SHR (have been using "Testing"),
> but it hasn't made phone calls recently,
> certainly not since it came back from the hardware Buzz Fix.
> With AT&T, it is not recognizing the SIM.
> And SD card is not working.
> I just tested the SD in a friend's laptop,
> and there is an empty file system on it.
> I understand the GSM upgrade might fix the phone issue,
> but the safe way to do that is with SD card.
> (Can I do it with NFS over SSH?)
> Any advice appreciated.  In the meantime I have to
> stop making fun of my co-worker who shares a cell
> with his wife, because I am next....
> Thanks
> Seth

I've been using QtMoko V5 daily since last month, and it works well.

There are still a few annoyances phone-wise:  the sound levels (mike  
and speakers) cannot be changed during a call, that is set in a config  
panel.  Flash messages are not elegantly trapped, they are just  
displayed like an SMS (my provider uses them for voice mailbox  

Some people find the echo-cancellation not up to par, but that seem to  
be ambiant noise-dependent.  Also, do NOT use screen-lock if sleep mod  
is permitted: the screen-lock locks the power button and the power  
button is the only way to come back from sleep...

Battery life is very good with sleep enabled.  I have low brightness  
set after 20 sec and sleep after 2 mins, and the battery is good for 2  
days including regular game usage(maybe 1h30) and a few minutes of  
talk (less than 10 i think).

Toy-wise, QtMoko, and QtExtended from which it forked, are covered in  
eye-candy and never fail to impress friends by their sleekness and  

Wifi in V5 does not work, except on open networks in phase with the  
moon and your astrologer.  V6 is said to fix that.

I tried the V6, but it dropped me at boot to a console root login,  
with no screen keyboard avaliable.  Needless to say, I flashed V5  
right back.

YMMV, but I like it.

Francois-Leonard Gilbert

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