GSM, SD, daily phone

Seth Rothenberg seth at
Fri Aug 21 04:37:42 CEST 2009

>> I understand the GSM upgrade might fix the phone issue,
>> but the safe way to do that is with SD card.
>> (Can I do it with NFS over SSH?)
> For what do you need NFS on the FR?

I read that the GSM upgrade via SD
is reliable and safe.   I don't yet know if
there are other ways.   I assume if you
can do something with SD, you can do it
with NFS, though I have no experience with NFS
over SSH.  yet.

>> Any advice appreciated.  In the meantime I have to
>> stop making fun of my co-worker who shares a cell
>> with his wife, because I am next....

> All men and dogs are masochists - go ahead and give her a FR.

I was offering to share the one working RAZR with her
until the FR is working fully.

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