How to mount jffs2 Nand partition when booting from SD?

cayeya cayeya at
Sun Aug 23 07:53:06 CEST 2009

Hi Joachim Ott-2, thanks for reply so soon:super:

Joachim Ott-2 wrote:
> Does the directory /mnt/om2009hdd exist? Maybe you need to specifay
> the type too.
> mkdir -p /mnt/om2009hdd
Yes, but I created it with out the '-p' part, now its done in that way, and
looks like it was what I missed to make it work because it worked with the
simple form 'mount /dev/mtdblock6 /mnt/om2009hdd', but I prefere yours, is
more advanced, so I used your line: 'mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock6

And Bingo!!!! it worked flawless. No errors at all.

Also, before your reply I was getting a message about that I need to specify
the filesystem type, I was trying with everything but 'jffs2', I wouldn't
have imagined and it's so obvious :-O.

Big Thanks!!!! :handshake: =)

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