Sooo... I may have blown up my battery.

François-Léonard Gilbert gilbertf at
Thu Dec 3 03:15:05 CET 2009

You bet!   Last time I let my battery completely discharge, I had to  
do some voodoo to get it to running state, but nothing out of the wiki  

This time, on the other hand, my FR shuts down even in the NOR boot  
menu between AUX presses.   I am ordering a battery tonight so I can  
call around again.

Unfortunately, I don't have a multimeter around, so I can't even know  
the real state of the battery or the charger-supplied voltage.  My  
best option now is getting a known good one and hoping the phone starts.

This brings me back to my original question: do any diagnostic  
procedures already exist?  I have an A6(date code 20081104) so it does  
not work without a battery.

Thanks for the support


Le 09-12-01 à 10:28, Tilman Baumann a écrit :

> That can only happen if the charger supplies more then 5V.
> Which is unlikely even for the cheap ones.
> I suppose you follow the guidelines on the wiki to get the phone  
> back from
> deep uncharge.
> Freerunner can be difficult to get back to life once the battery is
> completely empty.

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