Sooo... I may have blown up my battery.

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Dec 3 13:05:07 CET 2009

The only reliable method on my A5 is to jump-start the phone with another 
LiIon battery. Connect up the spare battery and boot, connect the external 
power then swap the battery for the dead one. After a few seconds the charging 
indicator should show flat but charging, and apm or the sysfs entries should 
show more detailed charging status. A spare openmoko or nokia battery is 
easiest, but i've used the one from my mp3 player and a couple of trailing 
leads when both my openmoko batteries were dead. just be very careful with the 
trailing leads!

On Thursday 03 December 2009, François-Léonard Gilbert wrote:
> You bet!   Last time I let my battery completely discharge, I had to
> do some voodoo to get it to running state, but nothing out of the wiki
> article.
> This time, on the other hand, my FR shuts down even in the NOR boot
> menu between AUX presses.   I am ordering a battery tonight so I can
> call around again.
> Unfortunately, I don't have a multimeter around, so I can't even know
> the real state of the battery or the charger-supplied voltage.  My
> best option now is getting a known good one and hoping the phone starts.
> This brings me back to my original question: do any diagnostic
> procedures already exist?  I have an A6(date code 20081104) so it does
> not work without a battery.
> Thanks for the support
> François
> Le 09-12-01 à 10:28, Tilman Baumann a écrit :
> > That can only happen if the charger supplies more then 5V.
> > Which is unlikely even for the cheap ones.
> >
> > I suppose you follow the guidelines on the wiki to get the phone
> > back from
> > deep uncharge.
> > Freerunner can be difficult to get back to life once the battery is
> > completely empty.
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