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On 12/12/2009 05:45 PM, Nick wrote:
> anyone have any experience with them? I also note they offer a 1024 
> fix. How can I tell definitively if I suffer from this problem? I 
> removed the 'never deep sleep' option in the latest unstable SHR 
> distribution, and I think it may have dropped out regularly, so put 
> the option back in. Is there a logfile somewhere which I could 
> check, to see for sure if this is an issue for me?

http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/1024 gives instructions on how to check if
you suffer from the #1024 bug.
If you put ti_calypso_sleep_mode = 'adaptive' in your frameworkd.conf
you should be able to find messages regarding recamping in its log file.

That being said I'm quite confident that any phone could suffer from
this bug under certain conditions (and phones showing symptoms now might
not show them at other times). For these reasons reliable detection that
this bug does(will) not affect you is next to impossible.

On the other hand all the devices that reliably showed signs of #1024
didn't show these signs after I performed the rework. So applying the
#1024 fix should be a safe bet.

Daniel Willmann
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