Sooo... I may have blown up my battery.

Al Johnson openmoko at
Fri Dec 18 13:12:21 CET 2009

On Friday 18 December 2009, François-Léonard Gilbert wrote:
> I hacked up an "adapter" (aka 2 wires) for a 3,7V cell phone battery
> and booted my FR!

That's my usual method (early gta02a5)

> Unfortunately, after booting QtMoko, I removed the "jump-start" batt
> and...  the phone went dead.   The "charging" battery icon was
> visible, so I was getting some juice from USB.
> Any further tips?  I can't plug the real battery in my FR to charge
> it :-(

Use the charger not USB. The charger gives 1A instead of the 0.5A from USB. If 
it still has trouble, disable the GSM and/or dim the display. GSM occasionally 
demands high current so you may just have been unlucky when you were swapping 
the battery. The display backlight at full brightness uses as much current as 
the rest of the phone put together, so dimming it can save a lot of current.

> Is there a distro I could put on my SD Card that sucks less amps?  Any
> other tricks?

Other than using the charger I've never needed any tricks. I've probably used 
every distro but the debian-based ones.

> Thanks!
> François
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