Sooo... I may have blown up my battery.

François-Léonard Gilbert gilbertf at
Sun Dec 20 19:13:36 CET 2009

Using the charger to boot worked, thanks a lot!

Now after 1 day of charging, the battery state is still zero bars.    
The battery icon is still in the "charging" state, but if I unplug the  
charger I get 0 bars and the "very low" battery alarm.

I tried reverting to the "dumb" battery meter, and the charge_now =  
136000 with charge_full=850000

Is my battery toast?  how do I interpret those numbers ( or those from  
the bq driver)?


Le 09-12-18 à 07:12, Al Johnson a écrit :
> Use the charger not USB. The charger gives 1A instead of the 0.5A  
> from USB. If
> it still has trouble, disable the GSM and/or dim the display. GSM  
> occasionally
> demands high current so you may just have been unlucky when you were  
> swapping
> the battery. The display backlight at full brightness uses as much  
> current as
> the rest of the phone put together, so dimming it can save a lot of  
> current.

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