Sooo... I may have blown up my battery.

Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Dec 21 17:39:39 CET 2009

On Sunday 20 December 2009, François-Léonard Gilbert wrote:
> Using the charger to boot worked, thanks a lot!
> Now after 1 day of charging, the battery state is still zero bars.
> The battery icon is still in the "charging" state, but if I unplug the
> charger I get 0 bars and the "very low" battery alarm.

Doesn't sound good

> I tried reverting to the "dumb" battery meter, and the charge_now =
> 136000 with charge_full=850000
> Is my battery toast?  how do I interpret those numbers ( or those from
> the bq driver)?

The numbers are uAh, but since you are using the dumb battery driver they 
won't accurately reflect your battery's real capacity. What do you get with 
the usual driver? current_now and voltage_now might be helpful, both charging 
and unplugged.

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