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Mon Feb 2 12:16:49 CET 2009

On Sun, 1 Feb 2009 01:39:21 -0500, Seth Rothenberg <seth at pachai.net> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I'll be travelling and thought I would bring along FR.
> I'm considering which distro to bring.
> I hope to have
> *phone - even if it's just to know when I
> have to find a land line to call home.
> I can't access the SIM until I get there.
> *notepad - just something to reduce lost paper
> *wifi - possible?
> *vpnc - google seems to say, I need debian.
> That's OK with me if it has the phone apps.
> gps (I can dream, can't I?)
> I have FDOM back in October, and it worked.
> Doesn't seem to work for me now.
> (i.e., it crashes).
> Thanks for humoring me...
> Seth

I'd second the endorsement of SHR-unstable.  TangoGPS works great (as long
as your clock is correctly set, including timezone) and phone functions
work acceptably well.  Wifi seems broken in the most recent (Jan29 IIRC)
images, hoping that is resolved again soon.  "notepad" - there're a handful
of simple text editors around, I can't suggest one offhand.  I've not yet
managed to get navit working with SHR-unstable though, so GPS location and
mapping works but maybe not directions.

Openvpn works fine, but doesn't cover the same scenarios as vpnc...

I've not seen vpnc for the FR yet.  So I cross-compiled it a few minutes
ago (from svn) and it seems to run on my FR, but I've nothing handy to test
it against.  If someone wants to do so, I stuffed the config and binaries
in a tarball at http://newkirk.us/om/vpnc.tar.gz - it depends on libgcrypt,
shouldn't need anything else.  The only alterations required were
commenting out "CC=gcc" and "./makeman.pl" in the makefile (no man on FR
anyway) and "opkg-target install libgcrypt libgcrypt-dev".


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