GTA01 Battery loader problem

Jose Luis Perez Diez perezdiez at
Mon Feb 2 12:33:00 CET 2009

El Friday, 30 de January de 2009 16:24:50 Matthias Barmeier va escriure:
> It worked perfect, until the night the battery dies. Do you think it
> could die by just lying around connected to a powered PC.

The first time I bricked mine all was working OK until I need to reboot the 

I was working with a / on uSD.
I needed a file a knew it was on NAND but in u-boot but I didn't pass the 
correct mtdparts to the kernel and mountend mtdblock I'm not sure if readonly 
took the file and unmounted mtdblock, two days latter at a reboot I found I 
had bricked it.

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