OM2008.12 audio problems during call

casaubon jputhoff at
Wed Feb 4 00:46:29 CET 2009

| just restore those .state files from whatever package they come from
| (don't recall) -- I git the same issue with that mixer -- better never
| click 'save' on the first tab ;)
| Thank you, Mr. Halchenko. I think this is what has happened.
| Just to be sure, the .state files I need to replace are:
| gsmhandset.state
| gsmheadset.state
| gsmspeakerout.state
| correct? Does anyone know where I can find the original 2008.12
versions of
| these?

For a few days sound was broken in the 2.6.29 kernels due to changes in
Alsa there, but it's fixed yesterday.

If it's the problem, alsactl restore -f
some-distributed-and-not-stored-to.state will blow an error on the
commandline about missing mixer element or somesuch.

The advice given above has cleared the problem up. Phone works great!

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