[FSO] Wifi in M5 no longer functioning

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Feb 6 20:41:35 CET 2009

[ Copying "devel" because that's where most of the WLAN-related
  discussions are taking place. ]

Joachim Ott wrote:
> I have the same except that the LED is not flashing. The system hangs,
> I had to remove the battery.

I've attached a patch with a work-around to

Here's a direct link:

This will avoid the crash and let the driver peacefully set the keys.
I suspect that this leaves a race condition, though, but this race
condition would have a broader effect than just this particular
breakage. I'm still investigating if that supposed race is for real
or just a figment of my imagination, though.

- Werner

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