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Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Sat Feb 7 02:28:29 CET 2009

On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 18:57:03 -0500, Simon Comeau Martel <simon at comeau.info>
> I have no idea how it is possible.
> All I know is that if I boot Milestone 5 via Qi, get the following
> message in zhone:
> 	Usage: Requested ressource GSM with error.
> And the problem is reproducible; it happen every time.

Read-only filesystem.  Once you've booted and see the GSM error in Zhone,
open a terminal and try "touch test" - you'll get an error noting that the
rootfs is read-only.  Qi mounts rootfs read-only at the start - I believe
/etc/init.d/checkroot.sh is where it's supposed to be remounted read/write.

Many things will be 'broken' in this state, like you cannot SSH into it
because dropbear doesn't start properly when it can't write, and just about
everything with frameworkd is broken.

Presuming this is the case (I'm betting;) try 

mount -o remount,rw /
/etc/init.d/frameworkd restart

stop Zhone, restart it, and it should be able to activate GSM...

I've not worked through the logic in /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh or anything
yet to see where this is failing, but putting the remount command at the
top of that script will restore your FR to usefulness, remounting / rw
fairly early in the boot process.  (checkroot.sh is supposed to check the
rootfs for errors /if/ it's ext2/3, and remount r/w afterwards, but doesn't
seem to remount root if it's booted from jffs2 in NAND.  As I said I've not
followed the logic of the script yet but am guessing that if it's not
ext2/3 it never reaches the remount,rw statement there.)


> I guess that there could be something causing some kernel module not to
> load?
> Maybe I should try upgrading to a more recent version of Qi? The one I
> use is:
> qi-s3c2442-master_2ad3ce6ff57753e3.udfu
> (md5sum: 88979a8310a98d7a2189977194cb2607)
> Let me know if there is anything I can do to diagnose that problem.
> Is FSO Milestone 5 working fine for someone who use Qi?
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> Simon Comeau Martel
> simon at comeau.info
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> Andy Green wrote:
>> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> | My install of FSO M5 is not on a SD card.
>> |
>> | As I said, all my problems where related to the fact I was using Qi,
>> | instead of uBoot.
>> It's not immediately obvious how Qi can trash the GSM connection and
>> leave everything else OK.  As in, if that was a feature we wanted to add
>> to Qi, I don't know how we would do that.
>> -Andy
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