Seth Rothenberg seth at
Mon Feb 9 05:32:07 CET 2009

Can I ask if there is someone using SHR to play mp3s?
It worked for me last week, but not now.
I'll be in the air for 22 hours in the next 10 days,
would like to have an mp3 player.

I have this:

root at om-gta02 ~ $ opkg list_installed | egrep 'pythm|player'
mplayer - 0.0+1.0rc2-r12 -
mplayer-common - 0.0.1-r0 -
pythm - 0.5.1+svnr19-r3 -
root at om-gta02 ~ $


(PS I know, I know, for about the same money
I could buy an mp3 player and a gps and a phone and a PIM...
and each would be top-notch at its task....but I wouldn't be a geek :+)

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