[OM2008.12] How to fix Echo problem?

Kristian Frisk kristian at frisk.ax
Tue Feb 10 06:10:59 CET 2009

> What distro are you using?  For SHR/FSO (I think) you can follow the
> directions here
> http://shr.bearstech.com/trac/wiki/Tweaks

I'm using the FSO distro.
Unfortunately the file "unsolicited.py" (which the link suggests to be
edited) does not exist on my OM.
In the tree
I get as far as /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages but then the framework
folder does not exist.

Using: find / -name un*.py
Gives me this:

And using: find / -name *modem*
Gives me this:

Which reminds me of another "fix" I read about earlier which had to do
with the "libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2" file, but I just can't find that
page again :(

However I found this page
(strange I didn't earlier), so I will try to fiddle around with the


> For everything else, the fixes involve lowering the mic volume/speaker
> volume.
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