[FSO] Milestone 5, uBoot and SD, any success?

Olivier Migeot larrycow at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 16:49:50 CET 2009

Hello ev'ryone.

It's been a while since Freesmartphone's latest milestone (the
so-called "milestone 5") is out. However, and as willing as I am to
test it, I still didn't manage to get past the "root not remouted
read-write as it should" problem.

I saw a lot of discussion about how to fix this with Qi. As I'm still
too cautious to test Qi yet (after all, this is my main phone we're
talking about... testing one piece of potentially unstable software at
a time is well enough for me), I'm wondering whether anybody had
success with that milestone and the following setup (or something

 - GTA02
 - images (.tar.gz and .bin) from the fso-stable tree.
 - basic uBoot (no update whatsoever since purchase)
 - and of course, booting on the SD card (once again, I don't want to
break every part at once)

If, by any chance, somebody succeeded in something similar, would he
mind explaining how he did?

And if anybody from the FSO team passes by : is there some kind of
milestone 5.1 expected (fixing that kind of problem, for instance), or
should we wait for milestone 6?

Thanks a lot.



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