Charging the FR in the car

Joachim Ott jo.omsl at
Sat Feb 14 19:16:05 CET 2009

2009/2/13 Craig Woodward <woody at>:
> Is there a Wattage?  Most chargers that don't list amperage list a wattage instead.  If you have the voltage and the wattage you can determine the amperage based on that.  Watt = Volt * Amp.  So if you know the wattage and voltage, Amp = Watt/Volt.
> Most car-based converts use a voltage regulator to drop the 12v current to 5v.  Since yours is rated as high as 30V, I'm betting it one of the better ones.  You may actually be able to pull an amp through it without much problem to the device, but it may get hot, or make the supply lines to the socket warm.  I'd try 500ma first and stick with that works, that should be fine.

No, it's just the voltage (see attached pic). When looking at the
picture, I noticed that it is just a sticker, but there's nothing
beyond it. Charging at 1 A was ok, nothing was damaged.
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