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Matthias Stone matthias.stone.lists at
Mon Feb 16 09:55:19 CET 2009

Hello all,

Long story short:
  Went to party (took freerunner)
  Played physically rough games at party.
  Broke freerunner screen.

Now, I've actually come to love this device over the last seven months, and
am more interested in fixing my current device than purchasing a new one.
So I was wondering:

1.  If it's possible to just puchase a new screen
if not then
2.  If anyone has a broken freerunner they're currently interested in
selling for ~$150, with a working screen.
if not then
3.  If anyone has a used freerunner they're interested in selling for
~$200.  I'd rather not get stuck with two of them, but I can still ssh into
my current one (lets be honest, it's a sweet, open device, screen or no

I currently live in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), but have a mailing address
in the USA I can use if that helps.


Matthias Stone
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