[debian/fso] 2.6.28-20090105.git69b2aa26 weird jiffs2 messages in dmesg

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sat Feb 21 16:26:25 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|> It seems that it takes a long long while to mount the jffs2 partition
|> you have.  The first thing "CPU 0 stall" is just a comment that you seem
|> to be stuck for two minutes, then the second thing is a diagnostic
|> talking about what you are stuck on.  It seems you are stuck on mounting
|> the jffs2 partition.
|> Lastly the jffs2 warning about summaries... IIRC this is to do with how
|> the jffs2 filesystem image was composed when it was built.... there was
|> something about slow mount and broken summaries when the jffs2 image was
|> created with wrong block size as I recall.
| ok ...
| so, what to do about it?

Dunno what you can do about it, but the guy who owns the process for
generating the jffs2 image for Debian may get a hint from this to change
how he generates it.  jffs2 mount should be a few seconds not 120.

Particularly as I recall the parameters for generating GTA01 and GTA02
images differ due to NAND block differences.

- -Andy
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