After flashing my Freerunner several things don't work

Adam Jimerson vendion at
Sun Feb 22 03:42:32 CET 2009

After flashing my freerunner, came with some version of 2008.xx but the 
settings menu didn't work and my wifi didn't work and there were some minor UI 
issues that I was interested in see if they were fixed (such as when writing a 
text message the backspace or delete is no where to be found and can't find 
how to add a space) and the entry system kept trying to get me to add letters 
instead of numbers when adding a phone number in the contacts menu.  After 
flashing my freerunner to 2008.12 the only thing that was fixed is the 
Settings menu, but my SIM card no longer works with it, right now I am glad 
that I keep my old phone.

Any suggestions on what to do?
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