After flashing my Freerunner several things don't work

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Sun Feb 22 16:52:49 CET 2009

vendion wrote:
> vendion wrote:
>> After flashing my freerunner, came with some version of 2008.xx but the 
>> settings menu didn't work and my wifi didn't work and there were some
>> minor UI 
>> issues that I was interested in see if they were fixed (such as when
>> writing a 
>> text message the backspace or delete is no where to be found and can't
>> find 
>> how to add a space) and the entry system kept trying to get me to add
>> letters 
>> instead of numbers when adding a phone number in the contacts menu. 
>> After 
>> flashing my freerunner to 2008.12 the only thing that was fixed is the 
>> Settings menu, but my SIM card no longer works with it, right now I am
>> glad 
>> that I keep my old phone.
>> Any suggestions on what to do?
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> After reflashing my kernel and the 2008.12 the issues are still there,
> right now I am stuck with a $400 dollar brick any thing I need to do to
> fix this or help fix this if one of my issues is a known bug?

I'd suggest two things: 1) flash the phone, again, to 2008.9; then give the
FDOM a shot. 

The text entry issues you note sound exactly like my learning curve on
illume -- if you haven't already looked here, check
for more info about how to use it. FDOM includes a kb switcher that will
give you a full keyboard (with up and down and CTRL, etc.). 


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