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Sun Feb 22 20:38:38 CET 2009

Hey guys,

Ok. I upgraded from 2008.9 to 2008.12. Issues on the 2008.9:
- unable to join ANY WiFi networks although it did detect them under Settings-WiFi.
- unable to get on the internet through usb networking although it was possible to ssh into root. I followed the usb networking guide on the wiki, more specifically for Ubuntu 8.10. (Error message after attempting e.g. opkg install openmoko-terminal2: 'An error occured: return value:2.')

After flashing on the 2008.12 image (kernel + rootfs):
- There no longer is a WiFi entry under the settings menu!
- unable to access the internet through usb networking. ssh into root still works as before. Error message when attempting opkg install has changed into: 'Could not obtain administrative lock' (although once I got the 'An error occured: return value:2.' again which I was not able to reproduce).

Is this a hardware problem or am I just being thick?

Thanks for any illuminations on this topic!
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