[Shr-devel] ophonekitd timeout with gsm firmware calypso-moko11-beta1.m0

Tilman Baumann tilman at baumann.name
Mon Feb 23 19:06:02 CET 2009

Klaus Kurzmann wrote:
> * Tilman Baumann <tilman at baumann.name> [090223 18:13]:
>> Registering to the network takes so long that ophonekitd times out with 
>> gsm firmware calypso-moko11-beta1.m0 (beta)
>> Stupid behaviour of ophonekitd but really a problem for me right now.
>> Can I expect it to be faster with the latest stable release of the 
>> firmware? Should I down grade?
> what version of ophonekitd are you using? 

A pretty late version. But maybe not new enough.
 > opkg info ophonekitd
Package: ophonekitd
Version: 0.0.1+gitr577+7e705882c099f353cf6ce535c222b7fee56b48b8-r15

> That problem is fixed and the
> fix should hit you with opkg update & upgrade...

Oh yes, it is. Thank you.

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