Qi causes WSOD (was Re: [2008.testing] WSOD)

Jeffrey Ratcliffe jeffrey.ratcliffe at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 21:09:52 CET 2009

2009/2/22 Jeffrey Ratcliffe <jeffrey.ratcliffe at gmail.com>:
> The only other thing I did around the same time was to replace uBoot with Qi.

To test this, I booted into NOR, thereby using uBoot, and then booted
the 2.4.24 image again (which I had reflashed). Resume then works
without WSOD.

i.e. Qi, for me at least, causes WSOD.

The suspend process seems different, too - with uBoot, the fade to
black is gradual, but with Qi, it is more or less instantaneous, with
a click, as if a relay was switching.

I'll get the friend of mine to redo the SD/GPS fix to make sure that
has nothing to do with it, but I doubt it.



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