Help! GSM not working after updating to Moko10

Al Johnson openmoko at
Fri Feb 27 10:34:16 CET 2009

On Friday 27 February 2009, Ingvaldur Sigurjonsson wrote:
> Me too is in the same boat.
> After having the Freerunner laying around, untouched, for quite some
> time I decided to give it a new chance so I started doing some upgrades.
> I also followed the wiki on flashing the GSM  but I never got the
> "(fluid, version 3) ok".
> Been trying with flashing different kernels/rootfs's to no avail. I cant
> even get to the phone over USB anymore.  Now the Phone is completely
> bricked.
> Does anyone know how to unbrick the phone ? A method using debug board
> maybe ?

What precisely do you mean by 'completely bricked'?

You shouldn't be able to brick  Freerunner without a debug board. The NOR 
uboot should always be available by pressing and holding Aux then pressing and 
holding Power when switching on. It has a short timeout so you will need to 
type quickly, or have the dfu-util command ready to run.

Problems reported so far have all had a solution:
* Having other dfu-capable usb devices plugged in may cause problems. Either 
unplug them or specify the usb id of the Freerunner in the dfu-util command.
* remember to run dfu-util as root.
* Using dfu-util as provided by their linux distro (ubuntu/fedora/whatever) 
may not work. Using the version supplied by openmoko works.
* It may be unusually sensitive to dodgy USB cables. Changing cable may help. 
* Some people have to start uboot before connecting the USB cable.
* It may work in some USB ports but not others. Try a different port.

If you can't get to the NOR uboot then check your battery isn't flat.

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