SSH login problem

Joachim Ott jo.omsl at
Fri Jan 2 00:45:03 CET 2009

2009/1/1 Matteo Ugolotti <matteo.ugolotti at>

> i 've just recieved my new neo freerunner and i've already  successfully
> installed om 2008.9 and then om 2008.12 .
>  i 've configured my usb0 interface (using  Mandriva 2008) and when i ping
> my freerunner ( ) it responds correctly
> but when i run     ssh and using a blank password  i  get the
> message  "Permission denied, try again"  as if the password or the login
> name were wrong.

If you haven't modified your /etc/network/interfaces on the freerunner,
then is the address of your desktop PC and the freerunner has
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