Neo for DATA acquisition with USB

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sat Jan 3 20:22:16 CET 2009

I'd use an Arduino and hook up the sensor to the Arduino inputs. Gives 
you immediate access to a huge range of voltage or resistive sensors, 
and probably very easy to interface to I2C, OneWire, SPI, etc. sensors. 
Hundreds of examples on the web. Perhaps even thousands.

I'm pretty sure that Arduino to FreeRunner has already been demonstrated 
to work. Don't forget to put your USB port in host mode, and pay 
attention to the power discussions on the wiki and in the archives.


lakshmikanth wrote:
> I want to read data from the sensor(any) to Neo(Openmoko freerunner) with
> the USB port.
> Do we have any readily available chips which are compatible to Neo OS
> (OM2007.2 or
> what so ever) for reading the data from USB?
> I have checked out CP2102, but it has drivers in rpm format.....same with
> Telos chip...
> Is it possible to install drivers of the format .rpm or .dep ... is there
> any method to do that??
> If we have to develop one such system, then what are the steps to be
> followed:like which
> microcontroller and peripheral chips to be used.... and how to develop
> firmware for
> them.

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