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Sun Jan 4 10:36:06 CET 2009


I'M MJ Fahmi from Jordan in middle east 

I would like to see if the openmeko project is interested in Arabic language and the support of application in Arabic , like sms or other stuff 

I can help allot in the Arabic translation and the development of these applications to suit the Arabic language 

I see that openmeko dont have a middle east group though middle east is like one of the biggest markets for mobiles , 

unfortunately i cant afford to get a freerunner right now with/or without  development package and with shipping to Jordan and taxes ( it will cost about 600 $ )  , to help in developing

i dont know if the team can send me one for free to help in developing , as we know its opensource :)

but i think Arabic will be great for the openmeko ,  and I'm sad that no Arabic groups are listed on the site till now 

to contact me pleas send on this email : mjfahmi at

and if you need more contact info just tell me 


MJ Fahmi

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