GTA02 is now an expensive brick

Jan Henkins jan at
Sun Jan 4 22:40:07 CET 2009

Hello Lucas,

Lucas Lacroix wrote:
> I forgot to plug the Neo in last night, and now the battery is 
> completely dead. I cannot even get to the NOR boot. I've tried both 
> USB and the charger. I have tried with and without the battery. No 
> combination of these will get the phone to turn on so it can charge 
> the battery.

The following works for me on my Freerunner (bought December 2008), 
which I have ran completely dry on a number of occasions:

* Unplug FR from wall charger or cable from computer USB port
* If the red AUX light is flashing, take out the battery and put it back 
in after about 10 seconds (amount of seconds is arbitrary).
* Press and HOLD IN AUX while you plug in wall carger (not USB cable to 
a computer).
* FR should now boot to u-boot menu, where you can then select which way 
to boot.

Jan Henkins

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