no sound during a call

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Jan 5 11:35:22 CET 2009

> anything but person who calls me hear everything. What is strange: after
> dialing a number I can hear dialing tone - but when the call is answered  
> the sound disappears.

the moment the call is answered the alsa state file changes, so you most  
likely corrupted the gsmhandset.state file somehow.

> I use Om2008.12. The problem appeared when I played with
> alsamixer (yesterday). So at first I tried change alsamixer configuration
> files (.state) files, next I re-flashed FR by Om2008.12, next I tried SHR
> and back to Om2008.12. Nothing was successful. Has somebody idea where is
> the problem?

why these steps did not solve the issue i don't know -- but maybe it is a  
bug in 2008.12 generally and you triggered it somehow?

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