GTA02 is now an expensive brick

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Tue Jan 6 14:55:00 CET 2009

Mike Montour wrote:
> If you program the PCF50633 as:
>   - charger enabled
>   - 100mA current limit
>   - do not wake on USB insertion (avoids the brownout issue)
> then it will have the behaviour that you want - even with a 
> completely-dead battery, you can plug it in and it will slow-charge the 
> battery in hardware. I think it still technically violates one of the 
> USB standards by drawing current without talking to the host, but IMHO 
> it's unlikely to cause any real-world problems.

1. This really ought to be default behaviour, the current way is really
*really* bad.

2. Why stick to 100mA? I thought the USB standard was for ports to support

3. I'm sure the FR doesn't need to negotiate with its charger.

4. How easy is it to make this change?

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