GTA02 is now an expensive brick / pcf50633 defaults

bburdette at bburdette at
Wed Jan 7 00:36:47 CET 2009

Andy Green wrote:

> There's two interesting ideas from Mike though, one is that disable USB
> insert as ON will help by giving longer for VB_SYS to charge and the
> other is leave charger enabled.  For both of these, they are defeated
> (USB insert is ON action, charger disabled) by NOPOWER and we have no
> control then.  If the backup battery had not decayed, it could help, but
> it only has very partial impact and is not magically delivering "the
> behaviour you want", GTA02 with this issue still will not start if left
> long enough for backup battery to fall below the pcf50633 threshold for

So are you saying there's no way to reprogram the freerunner to be able 
to charge from a (completely) depleted battery?

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