[2008.12] ssh instability

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Thu Jan 8 11:11:45 CET 2009

i too have stability issues with the ssh connection.
i had them with dropbear (2007.2 and debian) really bad, and still have  
them with standard sshd on the fr, though far less frequent.
mostly i experience it when doing apt-operations which take a bit longer,  
so i somehow suspect a timeout issue.

> when i was using it last night, nothing would resurrect the connection
> until i re-booted the laptop, then it worked fine again. for a short
> time
> i'm wondering if the problem is not with the phone, but networking on my  
> laptop

i've seem the total disappearance of usb0 only once -- and then the usbnet  
module was gone.
unplugging/replugging the fr caused reload of the module and everything  
was fine again.

maybe you should try to manually load

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