GTA02 is now an expensive brick

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Thu Jan 8 13:36:31 CET 2009

Craig Woodward wrote:
> I understand that... My issue is that there isn't a stable base that loads
> and works as a phone for ANY Neo model.  .  
> ...
> And all the open source nay-sayers will collectively say "told you so" and
> write glowing articles about the death of open source for phones.

Yeah, it's a shame isn't it?

I had high hopes too, but there are so many problems that I wouldn't advise
any of my geek friends to buy one any time soon, and those are my geek
friends let alone the normal ones!

I probably wouldn't have bought one either if I'd realised that I'd be
spending nearly £300 on something that's been sat on the side in the living
room for a couple of months not doing anything. The major problem for me was
that I assumed that the kernel and user space software would have the
hardware interfaces right. I expected GSM to be there and stable, bluetooth
and wifi just to work, GPRS and GPS to be there in principle but with some
software needed. Stuff as basic as suspend and resume I never even thought
about being a problem.

Instead, what I get is a device that works when it feels like it, doesn't
come back from suspend as often as one time in two, needs the battery
popping out several times a day in order to get it to do any one of several
basic things (come back from suspend, re-associate to wifi, reconnect to
GSM), that runs out of battery in a matter of hours, echos like a *****,
doesn't wake up for calls, barely does GPRS, doesn't charge when dead....

As for support, well, support's fine, but i don't have the time to be
applying new software patches and new config updates every day.

It's not the geeky project I'd hoped for either. I wanted something that did
the basics and I could add stuff to.

By the way, the Q and A email/looking forward to 2009 announcement from Sean
Moss-Pultz just confirmed a lot of what I'd thought about the OM management
situation. Where we have things like:

"People, like Harald and Raster, are given immense freedom to work on what
they feel is most important."

And then a story about how 3+ months were spent reimplementing a
Perhaps people like Harald and Raster need their priorities given a nudge by
OM management once in a while? You know what, I don't give a **** about
which keyboard is best for terminal use, when I can't reliably make and
receive a phonecall/SMS.
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