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Thu Jan 8 14:49:39 CET 2009

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)-2 wrote:
> the real history is one of enigneers trying to push off the ever changing
> flavor of the month idea and trying to just get stuff to work. while
> kernel
> guys wrestled, userspace was being flung every which way... and not by me
> - not
> by harald. guess who was driving all the changes? you might want to dig up
> a
> bit more complete history before jumping to conclusions. :)

Hey, no insult was implied and as a Software Engineer myself I know two
things -

1. Management are not only frequently wrong, but often difficult to persuade
2. If I'm given a free reign I'll go for stuff I'm interested in a find

My point is (and I hope I haven't missed the point of your comment when
stating this) that there doesn't seem to have been a consistent set of goals
or direction from the OM management or any particular focus (bar "Back to
Basics") to get the kernel and basic userspace functioning reliably, and
there does seem to have been a tendency to reinvent the wheel. And the
keyboard, the package manager....

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